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A Prayer …

A prayer from which we can all take comfort, said during
the Celebration, in Lockdown, of
Affirmation and Commitment for Churchwardens

We come to worship the God who give us life.
We bring with us the needs of those we serve.
We come with our faith and with our doubts,
with our hopes and with our fears. 

We come as we are,
because it is God who has  called us to serve him,
who invites us to come to him,
and has promised to be with us always.

We have been through strange times that we could not have anticipated.
We have lived with fear and uncertainty, isolation and silence.
We have closed the doors of our churches.
We have heard of the suffering, death and grief of so many. 

We have discovered new ways of worshipping
We have been heartened by many acts of kindness
We have seen selfless compassion and courage in our hospitals.
We have experienced loving care in our communities. 

And now:
We are opening the doors of our churches.
We are exploring new ways of being church and serving our parishes.
We are strengthening bonds of fellowship which have been growing among us
We are waiting to see what God has yet to show us.

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