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Training – Volunteer Debt Adviser

Training as a volunteer Debt Adviser with Taunton Area Debt Advice

People in debt come to us fearful, desperate, their world out of control and in a state of chaos.  We sort out the jumbled chaos of debt to understand where they are.  We take the burden of the problems off their shoulders by being a shield from the threatening letters and telephone calls.  We give them a plan, make arrangements and negotiate agreements.  Now they have hope and can see life beyond the spiral of debt.  We make no charge for this service.  Could you be a Debt Adviser?  Our next volunteer training course is on 6th July and on 3rd August which is the beginning of an FCA approved qualification.  Come and have a discussion over coffee.  Contact Graham Reid on 07921 526087.  Taunton Area Debt Advice is supported by local churches.

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