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NHS Social Care and Front-Line Workers Day

Date & Time: 5th Jul 2021 - 12:00am

NHS Social Care and Front-Line Workers Day  Monday, 5th July 21

The NHS was launched on 5th July 1948 providing free healthcare to all. Since early 2020 it has been put through one of its toughest tests throughout its       73-year history. Health and social care and other frontline services across the world worked relentlessly to help tackle the COVID pandemic and to ensure that people were cared for, kept essential services running and supply chains open.  On Monday the bellringers will play a part in what is to be a national day reflecting our gratitude to all health and social care workers and front-line staff and remembering those who sadly lost their lives because of this dreadful disease. The bells will be rung 73 times, once for  every year of the

NHS. A short period of general ringing will follow.  This is a proposal supported by the Central Council of Church Bellringers.