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Daily Prayers – 28 days of #2lockdown

Date & Time: 05/11/20 - 03/12/20 - 12:00am

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York and a number of senior church leaders are inviting Christians across the nation to participate in the month of prayer – launched on Thursday 5th November – the beginning of the second lockdown in England.

Daily Prayers – 28 days of #2lockdown

Please pray for …

  1. Doctors, nurses, physios, OTs and other NHS care staff – for wisdom and skill, patience and stamina.
  1. NHS cleaners, porters, ward clerks, meal assistants etc – all those who keep hospitals running behind the scenes.
  1. The homeless – for provision and hope.
  1. Charities working with the homeless to provide meals and temporary accommodation – for resources and staff/volunteers.
  1. Schools, colleges, universities – for staff and support workers to have strength and inspiration, and a willingness to go the second mile.
  1. Schools, colleges, universities – for students, to have concentration on their studies and compassion for each other and for their teachers.
  1. Churches and their congregations, as they gather with restrictions or online – for a genuine sense of worship and fellowship.
  1. Church leaders of all denominations – for stamina, wisdom, faith, and a genuine love for their people and their local communities.
  1. Those suffering from poor mental health.
  1. Mental health workers and support staff, in hospitals and in the Community.
  1. A successful vaccine to be available sooner rather than later.
  1. Laboratory staff who test for Covid 19 – for their safety and skill under pressure.
  1. Those involved in Track and Trace – to be effective and persistent, and to cope with the stress.
  1. Scientists and epidemiologists – for understanding and the skills to communicate at every level, from politicians.
  1. Patients in hospital and the vulnerable in the community, and their families, especially those unable to visit.
  1. Those living alone without an effective support bubble – for comfort, and for their practical needs.
  1. Single parent families – for provision, love and hope.
  1. Children in care – to know that they are loved.
  1. Social services, and all those who work to support those in need of any age.
  1. The work of the food banks – for contacts who need help, and for people to give generously.
  1. Shop workers – for protection and positivity.
  1. Food manufacturers – for supply chains and future security.
  1. The unemployed and those who have lost their jobs as a direct result of the pandemic – for adequate financial support and hope for the future.
  1. Small businesses to survive and for the ability to adapt where necessary.
  1. Ambulance, Police and Fire services – for the ability to cope with pressure and the growing need for their help.
  1. Prisons and Young Offenders Institutes – for inmates and staff, especially for those in isolation.
  1. Doctors surgeries and staff, working in such unfamiliar conditions – for access to all who need it.
  1. Residential and Nursing homes – for residents and staff, and for their families.

.                                                          … and more …

  1. Midwives and those expecting babies during this time – for protection and support.
  1. Undertakers and grieving families – for sensitivity and opportunities to grieve well.
  1. Our Government – for wisdom and discernment, integrity and vision.
  1. World leaders, to govern diligently and for the people they serve, not their own interests.
  1. People working from home – for the pressures on space and on their family lives, and for the support and company they will miss out on.
  1. Trades people who have to visit homes as part of their job – for protection and consideration.
  1. Utility workers keeping services such as internet, power and running water.
  1. Those who maintain the internet, telephones and broadcasting – such necessary services for the lonely and those who live alone.
  1. Professional sports – especially for believers and chaplains to be faithful witnesses to Jesus.
  1. Community sports clubs to survive until supporters can return.
  1. Our national charities to receive the funding they need to continue their work.
  1. Smaller, local charities, to be able to continue their work, and reach those who need them.
  1. Local government – for wise decisions, and adequate funding for necessary services.
  1. Those who work for our local councils – especially refuse collectors, who are vital workers in the community.
  1. DWP staff as they administer financial support – especially for frontline staff dealing with the distressed and needy.
  1. Those in debt and charities who help – especially for the work of CAP (Christians Against Poverty), more needed now than ever.
  1. The Queen and our royal family – to be faithful servants to the country.
  1. Those with wedding plans – to understand the true nature of love.
  1. People without faith to discover the true source of hope.
  1. For those suffering traumas and disasters, national and personal – for the practical support they need, and to turn to God for help.
  1. Those countries in conflict, or famine – for peace and provision and good, compassionate government.
  1. Those who are persecuted for their faith – Christians are often denied access to relief supplies and support, whether for the pandemic or as Refugees.
  1. Those with addictions, drugs, gambling, alcohol, and their families – especially during lock down.
  1. Community workers and carers – for compassion and gentleness.
  1. Those who have major health issues other than Covid – for postponed appointments and surgery, for the delay to be short, for peace in place of worry.
  1. Adults in care – for their communities and families.
  1. The arts – theatres, festivals, cinemas, choirs, museums, galleries – denied their audience and much of their funding/income – and the the individual artists.
  1. Delivery drivers, those who deliver food, internet shopping, post, Parcels etc.
  1. Your own friends and family – for opportunities to share love and affection and for good communications.

58. Whatever we do or say to glorify Jesus and make him known.