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Bells Project

Bells and Carillon

Bells and Carillon

Ever since the tower was rebuilt in 1862 with the bells hung at the very top, they have been difficult to handle due to the amount of tower movement and long ropes.  They have also became too far out of tune to be successfully retuned.

A project was therefore launched in June 2012 to recast all 15 bells, hang them lower in the tower and replace the broken musical chime (aka The Carillon). In March 2016, a contract was signed with John Taylor’s bell founders of Loughborough to carry out the work and the funds were raised.  The new bells were cast in May and will be installed in December 2016 with an official opening ceremony in March 2017.

St Mary’s will once again have a tuneful ring of bells on which the younger generation can learn to ring and a musical chime that will serve St Mary’s church and Taunton for many generations to come.

To learn more about this project, there is a leaflet available or go to our web site