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East Africa Crisis Appeal


Wow! what an incredible result! The total donated by you is £2,169 including the Gift Aid scheme.  We have been told through the media that it takes only £20 to save a child’s life, so that means you have saved the life of 100 little ones who would have died in their mother’s arms. What a fantastic Mothering Sunday Gift from St. Mary’s.  The mothers of these children are unable to say thank you so on their behalf, and that of Christian Aid, please allow me to say thank you most sincerely for your Christian concern for these our neighbours.”

Ronnie King

Youth Worker


You will be pleased to hear that we are working together with St James to employ a youth worker for 8 hours per week. The youth worker will help lead Voice PC and be available for our Church Family Worship. The job will be advertised shortly but if you know of anyone who might be interested, I am happy to talk with them and give more detail.

Matthew Jeanes on ‘Forgiving and Forgetting’


“Last week, at Worship@ 5, Matthew Jeanes gave a superb talk on Forgiving and Forgetting (his seagull illustration being particularly memorable!). His talk can be heard on our website and I commend it to you.

Next month will be a bit different. Marcus Paul (former Deputy Head at Queens and author of the recently published book: “The Evil Men Do”) will be speaking on, “What do our bells say when they ring out and what should they say?”

Rod Corke, Vicar

Lent Talks by Professor Trigg


Lent Talks by Professor Roger Trigg, University of Oxford. Theme: Should this still be a Christian society?

After a week’s break , Roger Trigg will deliver his fourth Lent talk on Wednesday 7.30pm in the church on Wednesday 5th April on “Must all religions be treated equally?” These talks have been really enjoyed and if you have not come, it is not too late. Each talk is on a different topic.



The Meeting for the election of churchwardens and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held in church at 11.30am on Sunday 30th April.  We will be looking to elect three churchwardens, five members of the Parochial Church Council and four  members of Deanery Synod. (Please see the informative letter at the back of church from Stephen Grimshaw, the Lay Chair, Taunton Deanery,  regarding membership of Deanery Synod). Nomination forms are at the back of church.

Foodbank Thank You


“Taunton Foodbank  would lilke to thank you very much for your continuing support which is still greatly needed. In the last 4 months we have given out 62% more food compared with last year and are responding to more than 40 referrals a week. This may be due to the rolling out of Universal Credit but we are considering whether to open more than twice a week.”

Diane Bayliss & Derek Hicks

Does Forgiving Mean Forgetting?


Date: 26th March 2017

Preacher: Pastor Matthew Jeanes of Canon Street Christian Centre


This podcast includes Pastor Jeanes reading the bible passages.  If you would prefer to hear only the talks, Talk 1 starts at 01:58 and Talk 2 starts at 10:17.

Talk 1 – Forgiveness and Freedom
Readings: Luke 23:33-37 & Acts 7:54-60

Talk 2 – Forgiveness and Relationship
Readings: Luke 17:3-4

Sea gulls’ poo comes from inside them – not from you.


Pastor Matthew Jeanes … holding out the hand of forgiveness

Bell Launch!


What a wonderful bell launch we had last Sunday! The service in the afternoon was well attended as we welcomed our special guests: Deputy Lieutenant, Lt Col Mike Motum, the Mayor of Taunton Deane, Cllr Vivienne Stock-Williams, Mr Christopher Mew, President of The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, Bishop Peter and  Archdeacon Simon. Bishop Peter dedicated the bells  and then Simon Adams, a director from John Taylor’s Foundry, handed the bell rope to Rosemary Tuhey, our Tower Captain. The bells rang out!

We also dedicated the WW1 memorial bell in the soldiers’ corner and the Time Capsule. The choir sang beautifully and bell themed hymns added to the occasion. An unforgettable day –  thank you to all who helped organise it.

Giving thanks. 


W@5 – Does forgiving mean forgetting?


WORSHIP@5 on Sunday 26th March, will be led by Dennis Cavaghan.  Pastor Matthew Jeanes of Canon Street Christian Centre will be our speaker, and his theme will be “Does forgiving mean forgetting?”  St Mary’s doors will open at 4.30pm for a cuppa, and the 45 minute service will start at 5pm.  Do come and bring a friend.