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Thank You


Shirley and Nigel Farrington wish to extend our appreciation to all involved in making our son Adam’s marriage to Rachel a very special occasion. Special thanks to our friends including those from St Mary’s and St John’s; the Churchwardens and Assistants; our friend and Vicar, Rod; the flower team; and to Miles Quick and the choir, including soloist Izzy Evans and trumpeter Stuart Paul. Saturday was a very memorable occasion. Thank you so very much.

Signature Kilve Event


Last Sunday afternoon, we ventured to Kilve for a church afternoon together. It did rain a bit but it was warm too and we were able to eat our picnics in the dry. Margaret produced a wonderful cream tea for us and we said Evensong in the peace and quiet of Kilve Church. It was delightful! This picnic was a Signature event – open to all. The next Signature event on the 15th September is a trip to The Kia-ora Farm and Gardens, Cullompton which comprises nearly 15 acres of extensively planted gardens and lakes.

MU & Breakaway Coffee Morning


“Recently, I was delighted to join the MU and Breakaway for a coffee morning at St John’s. We enjoyed tea, cake, quizzes and much fellowship. We were joined by the Mayor of Taunton Deane Cllr Vivienne Stock-Williams. Our MU is active and thriving. If you would like to join, please speak to Marlene Philips.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

Shoebox Appeal Team


“In the past, we have shown God’s love to some of the poorest folk in the world by helping with a Shoebox appeal at Christmas. This is when a shoebox full of goodies is packed, brought to church and then a charity collects and distributes the boxes as a Christmas gift to needy children abroad. To take part this year, we need a team organiser. Is this something you feel God calling you to do? If so, why not chat it through with me.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

Time Capsule


DSCN0674-ifl-Cropped_miniDon’t forget to sign the book, which will be included in our Time Capsule, which will be placed in the belfry and not opened for 200 years – or until our new bells need replacing again.

There is a small charge of £2.00 per signature to defer the cost and Rosemary Berry will be sitting at the back of church at coffee time to facilitate this.  The money will be used to defer the costs—which are more than you may think, because the special container has to be airtight, the books used made of acid free paper and the ink has to be of archivist quality.

We hope all we put in the capsule will be in very good condition when it is eventually taken out.


Worship@5 – How do I help my neighbour?



The Worship@5 service team also met this week and we planned the programme for the autumn term. The next theme is “How Do I Help My Neighbour?” and the service is next week on 17th July.

The service is growing in popularity, so if you haven’t been, do come along. We start with coffee at 4.30pm. The service begins at 5.00pm and lasts 45 minutes. Look out for the Worship@5 lemonade stall at the Magdalene Fair.

Philippians – Hold Fast


 The Reading:  Philippians 2:12-18 

… holding fast the word of life …” (v.16) RSV

How do we “hold fast the word of life” (v.16)?  We don’t want to be tricked out of it or deceived.  We don’t want to water it down.  We don’t want to forget it.  But most of all we don’t want to know it and yet fail to put it into practice.

Paul writes: “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;” (v.12).  This does not mean that we are responsible for saving ourselves!  We cannot do that.  Our salvation is a gift from our loving God.  However, it does mean that we have to work out, what he has worked in.  If he has given us his life, his word and his Spirit, then we are responsible for our response; we need to allow our lives to be transformed.

It is not usually ignorance that lies at the root of our lives, but disobedience and neglect.  Ignorance will rob us of much that God wants to give us or warn us about.  But disobedience “grieves” the Spirit (Ephesians 4:30), or “quenches” the Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19).

If the Spirit of God within us is grieved or quenched, he withdraws and recedes.  His heavenly influence becomes fainter and we succumb increasingly to our unreformed ‘old’ nature.

Paul believes that his time left on earth may be short, so he is concerned that his endeavours on behalf of the Philippians (and other churches) are not going to be ruined by the Christians under his oversight cooling off and falling in love with pleasure or money or any other distraction.  So far they are doing well, but they need to be kept up to the mark; it is so easy to lose one’s first love (Revelation 2:4) and to let things slip; they need to hold fast.

Paul is a good and prayerful pastor who tries to pre-empt problems.  We will find the Scriptures will have a similar caring and nurturing effect on us.

Lord, take from me a lukewarm heart and renew my passion, my zeal and all that I need to serve you.  Amen. 

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    Mark 13:13

2  What should we do rather than grieve the Spirit?

    Ephesians 4:30-32, 5:17-20

Sea Sunday


“Tomorrow is Sea Sunday when we remember especially those whose work is associated with the sea. When I was a vicar in  Felixstowe, our parish covered part of the dock area. Felixstowe is the biggest container port in Britain.  If you visited the viewing area there you would be amazed by the size of the container ships and they have got even bigger since we left.  At ports, the church provides seamen’s missions which offer refreshment and facilities to the sailors who are often thousands of miles from home. The chaplains provide an invaluable service, are a trusted team of listeners and give appropriate prayer support. The chaplains board the ships and give away Christian literature and Bibles which are in many languages. Dock work is tough. The dock workers work rolling shifts -days, mornings, evenings and nights. This can have an adverse effect on home life. In my parish, the highest number of divorces in the UK were recorded. Please pray for all who are involved in work related to the sea today.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

Choral Evensong at Corfe


Tomorrow evening, our choir will lead Choral Evensong at Corfe. This has been a tradition for many years and consequently, there is no evening service at St Mary Magdalene’s. Why not come along – Corfe church generously provide refreshments afterwards.

Permission for Plaques


“This Thursday the PCC met and discussed the Mission Action Plan we worked on at the PCC Away Day. This document is important because it will detail what we hope to achieve as a governing body during the coming year. We gave permission for two plaques to be placed in the tower area  One of the plaques will list the inscriptions that will appear on each bell and the other the name of the bell foundry and the date the bells were cast and carillion installed. We hope to have the bells in position before Christmas.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

From Syria with Love


From Syria with Love

An exhibition of art work by children from Syria aged 6-16 living in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

10 June – 11 July

10.00am-4pm daily

The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton