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Bell Foundry

2016-07-23-BellCasting from John Taylor site-tton7

The casting of the new tenor, sharp 9th and flat 6th took place on 23rd June in front of a coach load of folk from Taunton.

BELL FOUNDRY – the photograph shows molten metal being poured into our new tenor bell – The Somerset Bell – with the first coach party looking on.  The party that went yesterday saw this newly cast bell and also watched four other bells being cast.  There are two more trips arranged to the Foundry, 4th and 25th August when there is the opportunity to see the bells already cast and even more bells being cast.  A few places have become available.  If you feel you would like to go please contact Margaret Laver.  There is a coach available and the cost is £25 per person.

Organ Appeal


“Today I can give some news on our organ appeal. We have received the final amount from the generous  legacy of Pat Broach who loved the musical tradition at St Mary’s and was keen for Father Willis to be repaired. The legacy and the monies raised so far now total an encouraging £137,000. Miles is working hard to get estimates and we still have a way to go. Please consider sponsoring a pipe. Miles has arranged a visit to Michael Farley’s organ workshop in Colaton Raleigh (near Sidmouth) on August 24th. We would be delighted if you would like to come along.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

Shoebox Appeal


Several folk volunteered to organise the Shoebox Appeal but the first to offer were Martin and Ashton. More about this will be said soon, but for now … find a shoebox and get ready to fill it!

Time Capsule



Once again, Rosemary Berry will be here after the 10am service collecting signatures for the Time Capsule which is to be put in the tower.  There will be a cost of £2 for each name and comment written into a special book containing acid free, archival paper.



Car parking - trouble-parking-963565-m


Please park in Canon Street car park and show your receipt to the Office for reimbursement.

Worship@5 – Why does God allow Suffering?



Rod will be leading on the theme “Why does God allow suffering?”

We start at 5pm but the doors are open from 4.30pm and you’re welcome to come for coffee, tea and biscuits.

Magdalene Fayre & Tower Tour



Our Magdalene Fayre is on Saturday 23rd July and we are open to offers of help, items to sell and raffle prizes. We also need many more bottles and cans for the Tombola; cakes and preserves too. Please bring them into church and leave them in the North East pews.  The organising team has worked very hard and we hope and pray that all will run smoothly.

The tower is open and the bell ringing team will be organising trips to the top. Often being able to go up the tower attracts folk in who wouldn’t otherwise enter St Mary’s so please promote this among your friends and neighbours.

2016-07-23 - Tower - Go to the Top Poster_mini-exp

How Do I Help My Neighbour?


Logo - 5 O'Clock Worship @5 - with no white space surround (2) Date: Sunday 17 July 2016

Led by: Revd Dennis Cavaghan

Luke 15:4-7 – The one we should care for may be the outsider – the ‘lost’.

1 Corinthians 13:1-7 – People do not want ‘cold’ charity, but love expressed in action.

The practical illustration from the talk …

The ‘origami’ referred to in the talk …

DSCN1352_mini - Exp-txt

We are Human Beings not Human Doings


Service:  10:00 am Holy Communion

Preacher:  Revd Sheila Murray

Readings:  Colossians 1:15-28 &  Luke 10:38-42

We are ‘human beings’ not ‘human doings’.  We need to get the balance right between the ‘doing’ and the ‘being’ and to do that we need time and space to focus on God.

Philippians – Support


The Reading:  Philippians 2:19-30 

… to send to you Epaphroditus…” (v.25) RSV

No one should try to live the Christian life on his or her own.  We are social creatures, and are designed to live with the encouragement and correction of others.  This does not mean we all have to live in community!  Many people are quite solitary by nature or can only cope with other people on a limited scale.  However, to eschew all company is not healthy.

Other people bring a breath of reality into our lives.  On our own we either become depressed or deludedly perfect.  Other people enable us to see ourselves as others see us.  This can be salutary and challenging.  At other times friends can encourage and stimulate us.  And this is what Epaphroditus was able to do.

Paul found it costly to send him back to Philippi.  He had been sent by them to minister to Paul whilst in prison but in due course he himself was pining for ‘home’.  Paul had been strengthened by his presence, but now it was time to release him and send him home.  This was especially so because the young man had nearly died!  We do not know how this came about, but it was a result of fulfilling his mission to Paul.

Helping others can be far more costly than we might imagine.  But Epaphroditus was willing to go that extra mile.  However, now he could go home; this would bring comfort to him and joy (v.28) to his home church in Philippi.  We need one another.  The Lord loves us and his Spirit strengthens us, but so often he works through other people.  We should never be too pious or too proud to let others minister to us.

Similarly, is God prompting us to minister to someone?  It may be costly, but it will be a privilege.  As the Bible says: “let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together” (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Thank you, Lord, for friends and for those who love me.   May I also be a good friend to others.  Amen. 

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Thanksgiving & Naming


“The last Church Family Service included a Thanksgiving and Naming, and I have been asked by several people why the children were not baptised. The reason is that for some families, they do not want the commitment that baptism entails and would prefer their children to make up their minds about faith when they are older. This is an honest approach that we should support. Giving thanks to God for the birth of a child is very special and I hope we have other families who wish to take this step.”

Rod Corke, Vicar