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Vulnerable Syrian Family


This coming week, the Charis team will meet to plan, in detail, our second public meeting to update folk on the current position on helping to bring over a vulnerable Syrian family who have fled from their war torn home.  Those who will come are carefully screened by UNHCR and are at great risk because, for some reason, the refugee camp cannot provide the urgent care they need.  You may be able to help us make this happen, so do consider coming to St Mary ‘s on June 22nd at 7.30pm to find out more.

Prayer Focus Lectern



Many of you will have seen our new Bible and prayer focus lectern in front of the nave altar. Last week we remembered especially our hard working Magdalene Coffee Shop staff.  This week our prayer focus, as a church, will be on the tourists who come to visit our beautiful church.  We would like to feel all who come in sense God’s loving presence and receive a warm welcome.  We are in the process of preparing a leaflet for visitors which will explain all that happens in God’s name at St Mary Magdalene’s.

Farewell Service for Archdeacon John Reed


There is a farewell service for Archdeacon John Reed on Thursday 30th June at 7pm.  This will be open to everyone.

Afterwards there’ll be some refreshments and an opportunity to say goodbye.

Magdalene Fayre


Saturday 23rd July from 10am to 2pmThe St Mary Magdalene Fayre

Watch out for more information inside next week’s Today Sheet.  Meanwhile, can you please start to collect books, toys and games, puzzles, toiletries, bric-a-brac, pictures, rugs, white elephant, bottles and cans, handbags and jewellery for all the various stalls?  Also, we will need cakes and preserves to sell and finally, is anyone able to donate some good raffle prizes?  Any questions?  Please see Debbie Whittaker or Caroline Lee.

‘Rejoice the Lord is King’ – A Celebration of Saviour and Sovereign


‘REJOICE THE LORD IS KING’ – a Celebration of Saviour and Sovereign for the Queen’s 90th Birthday weekend. Sunday 12th June at 4 pm. A sequence of music associated with royal occasions including Handel’s Zadok the Priest, Parry’s I was glad and the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’, with trumpet and vocal solos. Choir drawn from St Mary Magdalene Choir and Taunton Choral Society. Stuart Paul Trumpet, Andrew Carter Organ, Miles Quick Conductor. Retiring collection in aid of St Mary Magdalene Organ Restoration Fund.

2016-06-12 - Queen90posterv3-gimpjpeg-exp

Elle Virgin and the Young Sounds Concert


On Wednesday 15th June at 6pm, one of our Choristers, Elle Virgin, is holding a concert called the “Young Sounds Concert” at Castle School.  All money raised will be going to Breast Care at Musgrove.  Tickets are only £2.50 and can be bought on the door.  The Concert includes: dancing, singing, bands, instruments and TUSC (the local ukulele group); with refreshments including homemade cakes in the interval.  Please do your best to support Elle in this worthwhile cause.

Malachi – The Day of the Lord


 The Reading:  Malachi 3:16 – 4:6 

For behold the day comes …” (v.1) RSV

Over the last few weeks we have considered eight questions that the Israelites posed to God.  We have also seen God’s responses.  The result is that those with an honest and good heart realised the error of their ways.  “Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another; the Lord heeded and heard them …” (3:16).  Thus the grace and mercy of God is revealed.  Even though we may have been following God at a distance and allowing ourselves to go downhill spiritually, it is never too late.  God will reason with us and try to bring us back into fellowship with him.

Do you remember his words through the prophet Isaiah?  “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18).  If God ever seems hard it is only because he is trying to bring us to our senses.  Sometimes he has to ‘shout’.  All he does stems from his indefatigable love.  His desire is that we become his “special possession” (3:17), or, as another version translates it, “my jewels”.

Though I said ‘it is never too late’, I only meant that to apply to this lifetime.  “For behold, the day comes, burning like an oven” (4:1).  This decisive moment is doomsday for those who have hardened their heart, who have despised the Lord, and who have been “evildoers” (4:1).  This is a warning.  But it need not trouble any of us if we “fear his name” (4:2).  This is not craven or ignorant fear.  It is respect and awe.  We do not want to disrespect, ignore or disobey.  In no way do we take God lightly.  We love and serve him with an all consuming passion!

The result will be incredible.  God will bless us beyond our wildest dreams.  We will “leap like calves from the stall” (4:3).  His joy will well up within us.  “The day” of the Lord will be “terrible” (4:5) for those who reject God’s love, but “great” (4:5) for those who respond to his love.  The Lord will give us every opportunity to choose; he will send Elijah (or Malachi or some ‘prophet’) to warn us and to call us.

May I be ready for the Day, so that for many and me it may be a great day.  Amen. 

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    Matthew 11:9-11, Luke 1:13-17

2  How does Peter tell us to view the Day of the Lord?

    2 Peter 3:11-13

Gospel on Display


If you come into St Mary’s during the week, you will notice that this week’s Gospel reading is displayed prominently for all to see.  As part of our church’s mission, we are keen that the many visitors who come to St Mary’s see not only a magnificent, historic building but that we are a living Christian community and that God’s word is important to us.  Do visit our website  Almost always you will find a sermon which refers to the Gospel reading.

Vicarage News


“Some vicarage news: due to problems with the tendering process, Rita and I have been told that the planned start for building the new vicarage will be delayed until Spring 2017.  This week, we have had some folk professionally metal detecting in the Vicarage grounds.  I will let you know if anything interesting is found.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

Syrian Refugees


Do continue to remember the plight of the Syrian refugees in your prayers.  Charis is the name of a group of churches including St Mary’s that is working towards bringing a vulnerable family over.  We are hosting a meeting on 22nd June at 7.30pm to galvanise support.  Do come and keep those suffering in your prayers.

Roll Up! Roll Up! Magdalene Fayre on 23rd July


We are looking for people to donate: books, puzzles, bric-a-brac, white elephant, bottles and cans tombola, handbags, jewellery, toys and games, bath toiletries PLUS cakes and preserves.  We also need good raffle prizes and these can be handed to Tim (Caretaker), Caroline Lee, Sandra Daw or Debbie Whittaker.  Usborne Books are having a stall and will donate 20% of their takings to us.  They sell books such as children’s, cookery, craft etc.  No second-hand clothes stall this year.  Our wonderful catering team led by Sandra Hall will provide lunches, teas and coffees, as always.  Please bring items for the Fayre from 11th July onwards (not before as we have a wedding here on 9th July).  As always, proceeds from the Fayre will go to the Mission of the church