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Mothering Sunday Posies


Flowers - early-summer-flowers-in-a-swiss-village-1012310-sMothering Sunday is on 15th March and Tekna will be making posies on Friday 13th March and would be grateful for any donations of flowers and greenery.

Please leave these in church on that Friday.

Many thanks.

Taizé Evening Service at St George’s Wilton


candles-2-648950-mTAIZÉ EVENING SERVICE at St George’s Wilton, 6.30 pm Sunday March 8th, a joint venture by the choirs of St Mary Magdalene and St George’s. Tranquil, meditative, inclusive, with Taizé music and candles.

Service led by Revd. Jenny Jeffery, with Revd. Ben Whitworth commenting on El Greco’s painting of Christ and the money changers. Singers and instrumentalists welcome.

“A Towering Influence”


We are pleased to say that Dennis’ book about St Mary Magdalene called “A Towering Influence” is being updated and reprinted.  More details to follow.

B&W Diocese Seminar on Healthcare Wholeness and Healing

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Healthcare is increasingly driven by clinical outcomes, budgets, targets and political constraints.  This is at the expense of whole-person care and personal well-being – for both healthcare professionals and patients alike.  Could the Church and other Faith Communities collaborate better with Healthcare to remedy this dis-ease?

The event is open to all – healthcare professionals, clergy, lay members of our congregations and healing teams, and anyone interested in health and healing – a programme in which all can participate; teaching, learning from one another, encouraging, and, we hope, inspiring.

To get all details click here ‘Healthcare Wholeness and Healing, Bath & Wells Diocese‘.

Booking is essential.  It costs £ 20 if you book before 20 February, £30 thereafter.  Lunch is provided.

Please contact Ben Whitworth if you are thinking of going and we can coordinate transport.

Women’s World Day of Prayer


Friday 6th March 2015, The Salvation Army Hall, South St. This year’s service has been prepared by Christian Women of The Bahamas.

If you are able, please come along and be a part of this creative service which will be taking place all around the world on that day from ‘sunrise to sunset’.

Message Boards’ Dedication

Sign Board - Rod's Commissioning DSCN2763_mini (2)

Revd Rod Corke dedicates the boards.

After 18 months of endeavour the message board saga finally came to an end today.  With boards now standing both at the front and on the south side of the church, they can be easily seen and read by passing cars and pedestrians alike.  There was a dedication of the boards which was attended by members of the congregation.


Rod & Rita’s delight at the QR Code!

Tabernacle – Holy of Holies


 The Reading:  Exodus 26:31-35

 … the most holy place .” (v.34) RSV

When Moses designed the Tabernacle according to God’s instructions it was to be divided into various sections.  The idea was that God dwelt in the most holy place, and that people were only allowed to come near by degrees.  Indeed, only one person, the high priest, was allowed to enter the most holy place, and even he could only do so once a year.  This holy place lay at one end of the tent and was separated off from the other sections by a heavy veil.  This veil will be described in this week’s reading.

When the temple was built by Solomon to replace the Tabernacle, the holy place or Holy of Holies was again divided off by a heavy veil.  The size of the room was a cube, 20 cubits (a cubit is the length from elbow to finger tip, about 18 inches or 45 cm).  This meant it was about 10 yards or 9 metres long, high and wide.

Within this space was to be found one thing only, the Ark.  This amazing item will be described next week and something of its importance will be unpacked.

The veil that separated the presence of God from the people of God was a permanent reminder that God could not be approached by sinful human beings.  He was shrouded in darkness and mystery.  This holiness (i.e. difference or separateness) of God created a barrier that was impenetrable by individuals.  Even the annual visit by the high priest was only possible if he carried sacrificial blood with him.

 This did not mean that God was not with his people, and indeed involved in all the world, but it would take the one, perfect sacrifice of Jesus, the great high priest, to enable all to enter into his presence.  This was represented on the day of Crucifixion by the rending of the veil in two, from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51).  ‘Top to bottom’ indicates that God did the act, not man.  From the death of Jesus onwards the way was open for all believers to go into the holy of holies.  What a privilege!

Thank you Father that Jesus has opened for us a new and living way into your presence.  Amen. 

Explore More

1  Note the structure of Solomon’s Inner Sanctuary.

    1 Kings 6:19-20

2  Note what Jesus, the Great High Priest, achieved.

    Hebrews 9:6-14

Signature Events


Last week we enjoyed a Signature event at Mr Miles Tearooms (Riverside). Twenty nine of us took over the upper room and sampled the delights of homemade scones, cream, jam and lots of tea. Delicious! We had great fun too.

The next Signature event is to The Oakham Treasures. Oakham Treasures is one of the largest privately owned museums of retail and farming history in the UK. Like all Signature events, this trip will be open to all and be purely a social event to enjoy, More details will follow.

Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday


The Shrove Tuesday Pancake and Quiz Evening proved very popular again. We give thanks to Margaret Laver for organising this and all who produced pancakes. Dave Tomlinson was quiz master and tested us on our knowledge of Australia and famous quotes. A spontaneous round of applause greeted our friends from St Johns who joined us and they then went on to win the quiz! Well done St Johns!

We were invited to St Johns for the Ash Wednesday Communion and Jane led us in a time of reflection and penitence. It was a special time to be together.

Message Boards


“I am aware I have announced the putting up of the message boards several times but, finally, Susanne, Dennis and I have agreed with the designers and printers the final look. We hope you like it! Weather permitting, the boards are being put up on Monday 23rd and will be unveiled on Wednesday 25th at 2.00pm. Do come along and give us your support.”


Wanted – Volunteer Readers


Volunteers are needed to read to residents in nursing and other residential homes.  Advice is given on reading material other readers have found useful.

Please contact Martha Mair or talk to Elizabeth Lane who reads at Chelston Gardens via the Church Office.