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Neighbour – Who is Mine?


 The Reading:  Luke 10:29-37 

Who is my neighbour?” (v.29) RSV

“Who is my neighbour?” (v.29) asked the lawyer.  His original question had been how to be sure he was going to inherit eternal life.  Jesus recited the two great commandments (the first from Deuteronomy 6:5 and the second from Leviticus 19:18).  The lawyer was anxious that he would be able to fulfil these two prerequisites (love the Lord and love your neighbour) for entrance into heaven.

He therefore wanted to verify that his understanding of the Jewish law was correct.  His neighbour was surely limited to fellow Jews.  Did not the Law command that one should hate one’s enemies (Matthew 5:43)?  But Jesus was going to have none of it.  His story of the Good Samaritan revealed that not only was anyone in need who came across our path our neighbour, but that the greater question was, are we being a good neighbour?

The story illustrated that the Priest and the Levite were too fearful or too busy to be moved by compassion.  They both noticed the need of the beaten up man.  The “man” (v.30), incidentally, was of no particular ethnicity or creed; he was simply a helpless victim.  The story goes on to show that a Samaritan (neither Jew nor Gentile, but a half-caste) showed more natural compassion than God’s ‘chosen people’.

Jesus seemed less concerned with which group people belonged to, than whether the love of God was evidenced in their lives.  It should have been taken for granted that God’s special and chosen people should have been the best exemplars of God’s love.  Sadly then, as now, that is so often not the case.

The definition of ‘our neighbour’ from the story is someone whom we come across who is in need and whom we can help.  This doesn’t include everybody who is in need, but it brings it down to the particular person whom God puts under our nose.

Lord, may I embrace each opportunity to show your love to those who need what I can give.  Amen. 

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Next Signature Event – Pink Garlic Indian Restuarant


On Friday night we went ten-pin bowling together as a Signature Event (Signature events are social events, open to all and designed to be fun and build fellowship).

The next Signature event is a trip to the Pink Garlic Indian Restaurant in Hamilton Road. There will be up to 25 places available.

More details to follow soon.

Harvest Festival Celebration


There is a feel of Autumn in the air and the nights are pulling in.  This reminds us of Harvest time and our Harvest Festival will be on the first Sunday of October when we will have a service of Family Communion.

This is a special time when we will be giving thanks for God’s provision for us and thinking about what harvest means in Southern Sudan.  We will be hearing about what life is like for Nyipock in the village Alock in South Sudan.  Nyipock is an Elder in the village and he bakes everyone’s bread: “Give us today our daily bread”.  There will be an opportunity to give to the work of Christian Aid who is funding self help projects in the region.

We will be singing traditional harvest hymns with our choir and choristers, the flower team are working on a wonderful display, we invite you to bring provisions for Open Door, and we will eat together at a Bring and Share Harvest Lunch.  The sign up form for the lunch is on the notice table this has been moved to the back of the South Side of church at the front of the bookshop. Do come.

New Flooring


We are delighted that a new flooring has been fitted to the Kitchen area as part of our ongoing improvement work.  This special floor is designed to be easily  washable and to keep clean.

The Magdalene coffee Shop is doing very well thanks to the hard work of Sandra and her team.

Food Bank


We are collecting items of grocery (preferably dried and tinned food) for the Food Bank and a basket will be put in the church for your contributions to this worthy cause and a reminder that others in our society are less fortunate than ourselves.

Coffee Morning Success!


A HUGE “thank you” to everyone that supported the Coffee Morning on 13th September.

We raised £210!  A magnificent result.

Worship at Calway House


Would you like an opportunity to lead an act of worship at Calway House on a regular basis? We are looking for folk who would like to get involved in helping our church’s outreach to this community care home in our parish where several of our elderly folk now reside. The service is 30 minutes long a mixture of well known hymns, and a short “thought for the day”.

Interested? Do see a member of the Clergy and Readers team.

Gifts for Harvest


Open Door have again issued some guidelines about their needs, based on the quantities of food they have used this year and what they still have in stock.

Please see details at the back of church.

Silk Flowers Wanted


Do you have any unwanted silk flowers? The Flower Team will gratefully receive any contributions which we will recycle to create new arrangements for sale as part of the flower stall we are holding outside church on the morning of Saturday 27th September. Please leave any silk flowers or greenery in the flower corner or hand to any member of the team. Many thanks, Cheryl Birkett.

Next Signature Event – Tenpin Bowling


A NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY – our next Signature event will be Tenpin Bowling on 26th September 7.00pm at Hollywood Bowl. Please sign up on the sheet at the back of church.

£12 for two games and a drink.