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What is Man? – Male and female


The Reading:  Genesis 1:26-31

 “… male and female he created them.” (v.27) RSV

The image of God is most perfectly expressed in the one particular individual, Jesus Christ.  Indeed, we have been seeing that God could/should be revealed through any individual that he has made.

However, God is normally best expressed in the combination of male and female.  God is neither male nor female, for he is spirit.  However, within the Godhead reside what we would call male and female attributes.  This disparate nature is best revealed on earth in the combination of men and women.  “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (v.27). Although the man Jesus fully exemplified God his Father, the image is normally best expressed through the human race, male and female, rather than through an individual.

And the highest image of God is found in the union of men and women.  This takes place in communities, in churches, in business, but most particularly in marriage.  The love between husband and wife reveals that love that God has for his people.  Also, the respective strengths of male and female demonstrate the leadership, submission, tenderness, toughness, vision, prudence, etc, etc, of almighty God.

Neither male nor female are superior to the other.  They may have different roles, but in the eyes of God they are of equal value.  Of course this does not mean they are interchangeable.  Each should be allowed to develop their gifts for the glory of God (not just for their own fulfilment).  We will not be an image of God if we push forward our own will and our own self-fulfilment.  Whether man or woman, our pleasure is to please our Lord; that will lead us to fulfilment.  We will become what we were intended to be.

Thank you Lord that whether I am a man or a woman, whether married or not, I can be part of showing the world something of your nature.  Amen. 

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Church Foundation Governors Wanted


Holy Trinity Primary School seeks additional Foundation governors, who have a particular responsibility for ensuring that the school upholds its Christian ethos. Do you feel called to use your time and talents to contribute to making a difference to the world in this way? If you would like to know more, please contact Julia Steward (Chair of Governors) after the service on one of her duty organist Sundays to arrange a no-obligation conversation.

Thank you. (This is included here with the knowledge and blessing of those at Holy Trinity Church).

Coffee Shop Volunteers


We have some new names on our rota now, but would always welcome more. It is getting busier by the week, so some more names on the rota would be wonderful – it would really help spread the load more thinly. Please have a word with Sandra Hall or one of the wardens if you think you might be able to give some time to this. Many thanks.

MU – Just a Bite


Please note that the meeting on the 2nd of July will be in the Vicarage at 2.00pm as the church will be occupied by the Diocese. It is important that we do not arrive before 1.45 pm as there is another meeting before then. Our speakers Diane Bayliss & Margaret Austin will talk about their visit to Zambia.

From September, meetings will be at 2.30pm in the coffee shop area. There is no meeting in August.

Hard Sayings of Jesus: Sword Not Peace


Service:  10:00 am Holy Communion

Preacher:  Revd Ben Whitworth

Readings:  Romans 6: 1b-11, Matthew 10: 24-39

Jesus’ intention and desire is to bring peace, but His Gospel will inevitably also bring the consequence of rejection and division.  We too as Christians seek to be peacemakers but the Gospel will often be rejected and will be divisive.


What is Man? – Soul


The Reading:  Genesis 2:1-17

“God breathed … and he became a living being” (v.7) RSV

Last week we concluded with the statement that man is a living soul.  It is therefore true that he does not have a soul.  This may seem somewhat odd.  It is however mainly a matter of terminology.  In the Creation story “God breathed into his (Adam’s) nostrils the breath of life; and he became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7).  The word “being” in Hebrew is nephesh, which means ‘soul’.

If we were in danger at sea we would send out a mayday message, S.O.S.  This message means ‘Save Our Souls’.  We would not be requesting a trip to Heaven, but a trip back to terra firma!  In other words, ‘soul’ means body, mind and spirit: the whole person.

Yes, as the image of God, each one of us has been made in a Trinitarian mould.  Our minds represent the Father, our bodies represent the Son, and our spirits represent the Holy Spirit.  Yet each of us is only one person: a soul.

Now we know that our three aspects are often at war with one another.  Sometimes our body won’t do what our mind requires, or vice versa.  And sadly, our spiritual aspect is sorely neglected.  St Paul put it well when he wrote, “I do not understand my own actions.  For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate” (Romans 7:15).

Our trouble is that through our rebellion against God we tend to be led by our bodies (desires, passion and need for self-survival), and after the body comes our mind with which we try to overrule our wayward body, and our spirit lags behind, neglected and weakened; whereas we were designed to be ruled by our spirit, which would inform and transform our mind, which would in turn rule our body.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made, but now fearfully marred and out of control.  The spiritual needs to come first. God can change this!

Oh Lord, thank you that I can be restored into your Trinitarian image.  Restore me by your grace.  Amen. 

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Coffee Morning at St John’s


Coffee - caff-1-468335-sCoffee Morning 28th June at St John’s

Do drop in to share time together over a coffee if you are passing by: they would love to see you.

Coffee Shop Volunteers


If you have any spare time during the week, we are still in need of volunteers to help with our Coffee Shop, Book Shop and Welcome Team. It needs many people to help keep our church open and to run these ventures. Please speak to one of our wardens if you feel you could help, even if it is just for a morning once a month – it all helps!

Signature Event – Exmouth to Topsham


TUESDAY 1st JULY  Signature Events

The next “Signature Event” is a boat trip from Exmouth to Topsham and return by train on Tuesday 1st July. The boat will leave Exmouth at 10.30am arriving at Topsham at 11.30am where there will be free time for lunch/shopping and then the return to Exmouth is by train at your leisure. (Please note: there is some walking – approx 1 mile from the quay at Topsham to the station and the same again from Exmouth station to the sea front, although only the car driver needs to do this journey).

There are still a few spaces left if you would like to join the group.  There is a list at the back of church and further details are inside this sheet.

Please contact Margaret Allen for further info.