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Challenge – Dinner Party Desserts


Fill your freezer for Christmas – Margaret Allen is still taking orders for Desserts.

There is a list at the back of Church.

Contact Margaret Allen 442629

Poetry Competition


United Press are running a poem competition– free to enter and the prize is £250 for church funds. The closing date is January 31st 2014, and you may enter up to three poems, with a religious theme. Full details are in the Parish Office, if anyone is interested.


Snow Art Christmas Cards


Famous snow artist designs St Mary’s Christmas cards

Snow artist Simon Beck has kindly donated two special designs for this year’s Christmas cards in aid of the Bells of St Mary’s: one of St Mary’s tower and one of a star.

Simon, an experienced mountain climber and a keen bellringer himself, has lived in France for the last 10 years where he spends a lot of time designing patterns and then stamping them out in the snow, a task that can take him over 9 hours to complete. Some of his designs are a big as 3 football fields together!

It all starts with a mathematical pattern that he designs, followed by 2 hours of measuring in the snow. After that he literally stamps the design – something akin to a crop circle – out in the snow.

After finishing the work he then photographs it and puts the end result on Facebook. But Nature has her own programme and so it can happen that after a hard day’s work Simon returns in the morning to photograph his effort, only to find it covered up by a fresh layer of snow. Philosophically he has described this as a fresh opportunity to come up with something new….

You can find more information about Simon and his work through your search engine by typing in Simon Beck’s Snow Art, or by going on Facebook.

Here you can see some more of Simon’s snow creations as displayed on the Daily Telegraph’s website.

Church Thieves


Exclamation mark - 997219_exclamation_mark


There have been a number of thefts of handbags/purses from church premises lately. Police would encourage members of congregations not to leave any personal property unattended at church services, even when going up for Communion as there was a recent serious incident in which a handbag was stolen.

Sad though this seems, please be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to one of the wardens.

Bells of St Mary’s – Notelets & Christmas Cards

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Two designs of notelets are on sale in the bookshop in aid of the Bells of St. Mary’s. Christmas cards will be available from October.

A pack of 10 cards – both notelets and Christmas cards – costs £5 (only 50p per card – what a bargain!).

Various combinations of cards will be available.

Thank you for your support!


0 Comments is one of the largest Christmas information sites on the web and answers your Christmas questions! It was launched in November 2000 by James Cooper, a Christmas loving web designer from the U.K.  He says, “I’d always loved Christmas (yes, I’m a very big kid!) and had wondered about the ‘whys’ of Christmas; such as why do we have Santa/Father Christmas, why we have Christmas Trees and send Christmas Cards to each other?!”

So far we’ve found out what Chrismons are, sang some Christmas Karaoke, decorated our own Christmas tree and even completed a memory puzzle!

Why don’t you see what James has created and have some fun too at WhyChristmas?com.

Inheritance – Honour


 The Reading:  Proverbs 3:21-35 

The wise will inherit honour” (v.35) RSV

This week’s allotted portion of scripture comes from the fifth of the thirteen ‘lessons on wisdom’ which fill the first nine chapters of the book of Proverbs.  They all start with the words “My son”, and follow with sage advice for earnest disciples.

 The fifth ‘lesson’ has various unconnected words of wisdom, which are summed up with the words: “The wise will inherit honour, but fools get disgrace’ (v.35).

So far this week we have considered inheritance in terms of material wealth and also in terms of the Spirit (power to serve).  Today we see another type of inheritance: honour!  Wisdom does not seek honour and does not try to curry favour.  Bur rather, wisdom seeks to serve others, to speak the truth in love, and to do the right thing.  This way of living may or may not win friends, but it will always achieve respect and unless there are jealous and corrupt people who despise and abuse you, you will be honoured.

Mind you, Jesus warned us that there tends to be one place where we are not honoured, and that is home.  People who know us, or who think they know us, are less inclined to give us honour.  Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honour except in his own country and in his own house” (Matt. 13:57).  You may remember that he was unable to do many mighty works in Nazareth because of their unbelief.

However, normally honour follows a good and godly life.  This is not only true of professing Christians (if they live up to their profession!), but also of all wise people.  Martin Luther King, Billy Graham and Mother Theresa are examples of honoured Christians.  But equally honoured are Nelson Mandela and (by some) Mahatma Gandhi.

Let us seek not so much to be honoured, as to live a life worthy of honour.  Let us live with integrity and courage.

Thank you Lord for Jesus who is truly honoured throughout the world.  May I, with courage, follow him.  Amen.

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Our New Bishop


We were delighted to hear this week of the appointment of the Rt Revd Peter Hancock, Bishop of Basingstoke in the Winchester Diocese, as Diocesan Bishop of Bath and Wells. He has said “I am delighted to be coming to Bath and Wells; it’s a wonderful part of the country. It will be a great privilege to meet all who live and work here in Somerset, to hear people’s stories and to discover all that God is doing in their lives. The mission of the Diocese is ‘Changing Lives, Changing Churches for Changing Communities’. The good news of Jesus is life-changing and I look forward to seeing the lives of individuals and communities continuing to be transformed by his grace and his love.”

We hope he will visit us soon and we pray for Peter and his family as they prepare to move.

No date has been set for the consecration but the summer of 2014 is most likely.

St Mary’s Christmas Meal


Dining table - 597937_dining_table_3

Sunday 15th December is the last day to sign up for the Christmas meal at SCAT.

The menu is at the back of church.

This meal has become firmly fixed in the Church calendar as those who come really enjoy it.

Thursday Shopping


We  had our mission outreach to the Christmas shoppers last Thursday evening and what a great time we have had.

Lots of folk come in for free tea and cake and enjoy the atmosphere.  Ecclesia sang for us and Jack our dog was chief welcomer.

A big thank you to all who helped.

We have another evening planned this coming week between 6.30pm and 8.30pm when our choir will be rehearsing.

Why not come into town, do a bit of Christmas shopping and call in on your way back?  You will be most welcome.

Leaflets Distribution


We are looking for more volunteers to help deliver leaflets to people in the parish for Christmas and at Easter time to tell them about our special services.

There are several vacant areas covering between approximately 45 to 120 households each.

If you would like to volunteer or require further information, please contact Roy or Mary Sims on Taunton 282030.

To all current volunteers, ‘a very big thank you.’