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Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal


If you wish to put together a shoebox this year, please do so and deliver to Shoe Zone in the High Street. They are acting as a drop-off centre and will forward all shoeboxes to Samaritans Purse.

Boiler Update


Good News - questionnaire-3-1395674-mAnd now some good news. The heating engineers have been working hard on the new boiler to provide us with heat. We are delighted to report that your gifts now total approximately £12000 towards the target of £22000 and we give all who have given so generously our grateful, heartfelt thanks. The heat should be on from Friday onwards so look forward to coming to Church next week!


Christianity Explored


Bible with magnifying glass - 643698_jesus_wept

More good news continues with our Christianity Explored course. We have completed two weeks and 21 folk have joined us on a Wednesday evening. If you would like to come along, there is still room but please talk to me first. The groups have gelled well and the atmosphere is warm, friendly and purposeful.




For many weeks we have been collecting pennies in the jar at the back of Church for our mission work. I would like to turn this into a giant Christmas Pudding. How? We will run a competition guessing the amount that will be collected by Christmas Eve. For a pound, anyone can have a go. The pound coins will be placed in the top and should look like the cream on top of the pudding. Well that is the theory anyway – just a bit of fund raising fun!


Fr Charley’s Visit


Father Charley from Lusaka will be with us from 15th to 22nd November.  We very much appreciate Richard and Margaret Austin’s generous hospitality over this week, but we do need further offers for hosting/”entertaining” Fr Charley over his stay. 

There is a sign-up chart at the back of church, with a grid;  if you are able to offer any activity to make his stay as interesting and varied as possible, this would be gratefully received. 

Many thanks.

Lift to Church?



Is anyone able to offer a lift to church to a lady who lives in Laxton Road, Taunton?

If you are able to help please speak to Rod.

Your Prayer Life


Do you struggle with your prayer life?  Sheila speaks about this in her sermon and offers a balanced, easy-to-use routine that you may find helpful that she got from Bill Hybels book, ‘Too Busy Not to Pray’.

Sheila - Prayers and ACTS - Cropped

The Storms of Life – Dominion


 The Reading: Mark 4:35-41

“Peace! Be still!” (v.39) RSV

Matthew, Mark and Luke all say that Jesus “rebuked the wind and the sea”, but only Mark records what he said: “Peace! Be still!” He did not pray. In fact he had been asleep and was to all intents and purposes unprepared. He was woken suddenly by panic stricken and accusatory disciples and told to sort it! (v.38)

What would we have done? Become annoyed? Told them that God doesn’t control the weather just for us? Entered into intense and fervent prayer? Or would we have spoken to the elements? God wants US to have dominion of the earth. He has given us that authority. It is faithless to keep on banging at Heaven to get God to do something about it. He has (in Christ) given US the tools to do the job.

Desperate, pleading prayer can be an act of faithlessness! Yes, that may seem a bold statement. But Jesus prayed in order to see what God was doing and then to do it. And he prayed in order to hear what God was saying, and then say it. Prayer is not so much to get God to act, but rather to be so in tune with Him that we do his work with him. We are meant to be growing up to be His co-workers, not to remain His dependants.

It is by “saying the word” that God created the world, and similarly it is by “saying the word” that Jesus performed his ministry. We are to follow in his footsteps and continue his works. Remember how the Roman Centurion wanted Jesus to heal his sick servant? He sent messengers to bring Jesus to his house, but before he arrived he sent out others to stop him: “I am not worthy that you should come into my house. Say the word only and my servant shall be healed.” Jesus extolled this man for his great faith.

Are we prepared to take courage, and having first heard what God is wanting to do, bring it to pass by speaking the word?

Lord this is awesome news. Help us to take up the weapons that you have given to us. Your word is powerful and active, and is the means by which you achieve your purposes. Keep us from wrongful and selfish use of this authority, but forgive us when we fail to take responsibility and to take charge. Amen.

Explore More

1 When did God first give dominion to Man?

Genesis 1:27-28

2 What authority did Jesus give to his disciples?

Luke 9:1-2

Boiler Works Commence!


Work will commence on the installation of the new boiler on Tuesday 5th November and be finished by Friday 15th November.

The engineers will be parking outside the door to the Magdalene Centre.

This area will, therefore, be unavailable for parking during this period.

Boiler Update


Good News - questionnaire-3-1395674-m

The good news continues with an update on the boiler situation. Work on the new eco boiler will begin on Tuesday next week and we will have a warm church by the weekend of the 15th November.

We are very grateful too for the gifts we have received which has taken the total to over £10,000 towards the overall cost of £21,000.

Any help you are able to give will be most gratefully received. I am so thankful for the positive spirit shown by the congregation and community at this time and grateful that the weather has been mild.

Two more weeks!


Remembrance Sunday


poppy-1109230-mThe 10th November is Remembrance Sunday and the Civic Service begins at 9.30am.  Archdeacon John is preaching.

In the evening there is a special service to remember friends and family who have passed away.

Do write the names of anyone you would like remembered on the sheet at the back of church.