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Bell Restoration Group


Sadly Jeff Knipe, the leader of the Bell Restoration Group has had to step down through ill health but we are delighted that Rosemary Tuhey has agreed to take over this important role.

The current balance in the fund is an incredible £36,427.33 which is the fruit of much hard work.

The grant applications are proceeding.

Mulberry Picking at the Vicarage

Over 500 years old, our listed mulberry tree at the Vicarage

Over 500 years old, our listed mulberry tree at the Vicarage

The mulberries are ready!

The first crop is ripe for picking and they are delicious. If you have not eaten a mulberry, do not miss this opportunity. They look and taste rather like a blackberry (but the flavour is unique and delicious).

Here is what to do: Come to the Vicarage on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning between 10.00 am and midday. Just tell the Office what you are doing. Wear old clothes/gloves. Mulberries bleed profusely (do not be put off by this!) and bring a container and fill it. If you can bring a small step ladder – it would help. Take them home and try them in a crumble, or with cream, or make mulberry jam. Enjoy.

The tree is listed and is over 500 years old.

Dick Acworth Says Thanks


DICK ACWORTH thanks all who have signed his petition at in relation to how people with mental health problems are being adversely affected through re-assessment with the Work Capability Assessment.

So far some 11500 people have signed, but he would love this to get to 15000 and then 100 000, so that a wider audience can be reached.

Do sign if you haven’t, and encourage your family and friends to do so as well. Many thanks.

Nik’s Farewell


Thank you to all who have expressed how much they will miss Nik. A farewell tea and cake has been arranged for Saturday 10th August at 12.00 noon and everyone is welcome.

If you would like to contribute to a leaving gift please see the Church wardens or hand in a gift at the Church Office.

We have already advertised for a replacement but if you know anyone who would be interested in varied employment for 30 hours a week then contact the Parish Office.