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Newlyweds – Nick and Claire

1-Wedding - Nick and Claire by doors


On August 3rd Nick Mort and Claire Daw, both members of our church, were married and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of celebration. Claire looked beautiful in a stunning gown and Nick was smartly dressed and very calm.

Lots of the Church family came to support them.

Nick and Claire would like to say a big THANK YOU for all the cards and presents they have received and also for the many members of the congregation who attended their wedding.  Those who stayed after the 10:00 am service today were fortunate to enjoy a piece of their wedding cake which was given in appreciation for all the good wishes they received.

We wish them both every happiness.

Farewell Nik


Nik has now left us to begin his new job and we are really grateful for all he has done for us. (A report will follow on the tea and cake we enjoyed with him.)

We are hopeful of appointing a replacement soon, but, until we do, a lot more work falls upon the Church Wardens and Church Warden Assistants.

Please help by ensuring that you do not leave anything in the church that shouldn’t be there.


Vacancy – StMM Caretaker


Here at St Mary’s we are currently looking for a caretaker.  If you are interested please take a look at the job description below.  For any queries or if you need further information you can contact the Parish Office on 01823 272441.

If however you wish to apply, please send in a handwritten application addressed to: Job Vacancy, St Mary Magdalene, Parish Office, Church Square, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1SA.

Mulberry Picking at the Vicarage

Over 500 years old, our listed mulberry tree at the Vicarage

Over 500 years old, our listed mulberry tree at the Vicarage

Lots of folk have come to pick the mulberries this week but the crop is huge and there are plenty more ripening all the time.

If you are able to bring them along, a small set of steps would help with the picking. Simply come to the Vicarage, on the mornings of Tuesday to Friday between 10.00 and 12.00 and just make yourself known to whoever is in the office.

New Speakers


On 12th August work will begin on our Sound System.  The large speakers that have hung high up for over twenty years will be removed, and replaced by head-level speakers affixed to the pillars of the church.  This has been made possible by the securing at a vastly reduced cost since they were from another church’s cancelled order.  We anticipate that we shall soon be able to hear everything far more clearly and with greater satisfaction.


Harvest Festival


Harvest Festival this year will be on Sunday 6th October. The church will be decorated beautifully and we will have a Family Communion Service on that day.

Following this service, rather than a Harvest Supper, we will have a bring and share Harvest Lunch which will begin at noon.  We hope lots of folk will stay and share a meal together.

It is too early yet for a sign up list, but look out for it soon.


Christianity Explored


Beginning on 30th October we are planning to run a discipleship course called ‘Christianity Explored’  in the Upper room.

Bible with magnifying glass - 643698_jesus_wept

This will be an exciting opportunity to refresh or renew your faith and this course covers all the basics.

It is too early to sign up for it yet but do note it in your diaries.

If you are interested and want to find out more why not have a chat with Rod?

Trinity – Threefold Cord


 The Reading: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

“A threefold cord is not easily broken” (v. 12) RSV

Two are better than one, for if one falls the other can help. This is the thrust of our passage from Ecclesiastes. The best example of this is to be found in a good marriage. This is not to decry the single life, but most people find that they need mutual companionship and encouragement. Marriage can be an enormous strength to both parties.

But another example of the strength of two is to be found in the friendship of Jonathan and David. The bible says that their love for one another was stronger than the love of women (2 Samuel 1:26). David was hounded by Jonathan’s father, King Saul, and was in fear for his life, but Jonathan helped him and saved him. Yes, two are better than one, especially where there is love.

But our text extols the presence of a third. Surely there is a problem here. We normally say, ‘Two is company, but three is a crowd’. That certainly applies to marriage.

But Ecclesiastes insists that the “threefold cord” (v.12) is strongest. What is meant by this?

There is a ‘third’ who is always welcome and who will always enrich. God wishes to be at the centre of any relationship or partnership. This third Presence will not diminish or threaten the other two, rather, it will enable true love and sacrifice to flow. The two will become as one through the inspiration of God’s presence.

What is our state? Are we in a business partnership, or marriage, or companionship? Seek the Lord’s presence and blessing. If you can pray with your other half then do so.

Remember that God is himself a happy threesome. He manifests perfect harmony and huge creativity!

Thanks you Lord that you will always come and make your dwelling where you are honoured and invited. Amen. 

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1 Who were the three who were joined by a divine fourth?

Daniel 3:23-25

2 Look at the promise that God will dwell with us.

John 14:23

Trinity – Last Supper


 The Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

“Do this in remembrance of me.” (v.24) RSV

When we remember Jesus each time we take the bread and the wine there are, I believe, three things in particular that we can ‘remember’. The first is the life and death of Jesus in the past. The second is the life and strength of Jesus in the present. And the third is the life and return of Jesus in the future. So today’s ‘trinity’ is the past, the present and the future.

The Bread and Wine help us remember our Lord who went about in Israel “doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil”. (Acts 10:38) We remember his love and death, his resurrection and his ascension. In every way, we are drawn to praise and thanksgiving for such a live lived and sacrificed for us. We remember that as a result, our sins are forgiven and new life has been received.

Then secondly, we remember that the risen Christ is present with us right now. He not only lives in heaven to intercede for us, but he also comes to us through the Holy Spirit to be with us. He strengthens and guides us through daily life. He is our breath, our joy and our constant companion. He promised that he would never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)

Finally, we remember that we “proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (v.26). In this life we are sojourners; we are passing through. As the song goes, ‘This world is not my own; I’m just a passing through’. Of course we love this beautiful world that God has made and we seek to bless it in every way. Yet, always in our sights there lies that vision of all things made new: a new heaven and a new earth. One day Jesus will return, banish evil and create a united heaven and earth. “Even so, come Lord Jesus”. (Revelations 22:20)

Heavenly Father, thank you that the Last Supper (Holy Communion) speaks of the wonders of Jesus; such a Saviour. Help me to remember his life in the past, the present and the future each time I eat and drink. Amen. 

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See Matthew’s emphasis on the past and Luke’s emphasis on the future.

Matthew 26:27-28, Luke 22:17-18

Choir Break


Today is the final Sunday before we enjoy a quiet time in Church during August. In August the choir take a well deserved break and the regular church groups and committees do not meet.

During this time a lot of planning is done as well as the completion of those tasks that get left when church life is more frenetic.