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Agape Home Group Meetings


Meetings will recommence on Tuesday 3rd September at 2pm in the Upper Room and will continue fortnightly for the rest of the year.

The Revd Dennis Cavaghan will be leading the initial sessions and we will be studying the First Letter to Timothy.

Please contact Dennis in order to borrow the Study booklets which you can then keep for the rest of the course.

Trinity – Peter’s Trial


The Reading: John 21:15-17 

“… he said to him the third time …” (v.17) RSV

Peter sadly failed Jesus during his trial; he denied him three times. He did this while warming himself over a charcoal fire. We now see him approaching Jesus on the shore whilst he was cooking fish on a charcoal fire. Smell is a very strong sense and links occasions and triggers memories. The fire on the shore brought back to Peter his three denials of Jesus. Jesus knew that Peter was still staggering under the burden of guilt, and the subject had to be broached.

His first question was “Do you love (agape i.e. sacrificial love) me more than these?” (v.15) Peter had claimed that even if all the other disciples failed him, he would not. Manifestly, he had not loved Jesus more than the other disciples had. Peter replied “You know that I love (phileo i.e. human friendship) you.

The second time, Jesus asked him, “Do you love (agape) me?” (v.16). In other words, forgetting about others, can you, Peter, say you love (agape) me? Peter replied, as he did each time, “Lord, you know that I love (phileo) you”. Peter knew that he had not loved with agape, but loved with phileo.

The third time Jesus asked him, “Do you love (phileo) me?” (v.17). Peter was grieved with this question. He was not grieved that Jesus had asked the same question three times (for he had not), but that “the third time” he had asked him a different question. That time he was querying whether Peter had even loved him as a friend. Peter’s reply was adamant. “You know everything; you know that I love (phileo) you” (v.17).

Jesus wants us too to face the past honestly. Only when we acknowledge our limitations as well as our sins, can he open the way for a better future. Peter was restored and re-commissioned: “Feed/tend my lambs/sheep” (vv. 15-17). This he will do for us too.

Thank you Lord that you give me a future and a hope. Amen.

Explore More

1 What had Jesus taught Peter about forgiveness?

Matthew 18:21-22

2 How would Peter show love (agape) to Jesus?

John 21:18-19

Welcome Tim!


Last Saturday, there was a thanksgiving celebration for Nik Hurst who has now left us.

We welcome Tim Bowery who will be Nik’s replacement.

Tim comes from a caretaking background and has recently been working in a primary school. He is married to Val and they have two children.

Weddings at St Mary’s


This week we have put the photographs of Claire and Nick’s wedding on the Mission Board. There is also a photograph album from Rod and Rita’s wedding 32 years ago. Rod had hair then!

The display will be used to promote marriage and St. Mary’s is a wonderful place to get married.

Our ministry to wedding couples has increased steadily over the years.

New Speakers


You will have noticed the new speakers on the pillars. This is the new audio system and, when it is working, it is hoped that the sound from the microphones will be spread more uniformly over the church. It is likely to be ready for use next week.

During the week further cables will need to be installed so, if you visit, please be aware that trapdoors may be open in the floor of the Church.

Mulberry picking at the Vicarage


The mulberries have been well picked but there are plenty more as they are ripening all the time. I have just enjoyed my first mulberry crumble of the new season.

It was delicious!

Do come in the mornings to pick and check in with Margaret or Kate.



Since it was started the people at the Foodbank have collected and sorted over 12 tonnes of food to the value of £20,000.

Your very generous donations continue to be most welcome, and really fill a need at this difficult time.

Credit Union Call for Savers



Somerset Savings and Loans, the credit union for the county, has seen a massive increase in business since the Archbishop of Canterbury declared that people should turn to credit unions for short term borrowing.

But, although the comments have been welcomed, the organisation says the credit union system can only work if savers as well as borrowers use the service.

Paul Urch, Treasurer of Somerset Savings and Loans said: “We have seen demand soar since the Archbishop of Canterbury made his statement. His offer that the church would throw open the doors of church halls and buildings so that credit unions fully engage with communities is very helpful.

“In Somerset we have identified a further £100,000 of potential loans since the Archbishop of Canterbury made his statement but the credit union movement cannot be seen as a the single answer to the problems of doorstep lenders and payday loans.

“We must not lose sight of the true identity of credit unions as a financial co-operative operating for its members and providing an ethical savings opportunity for members funded by interest secured by sound and affordable lending to members.

“We need the support of the community, including local businesses and those who support the Archbishop of Canterbury in his statements. Savers are needed to help us expand our resource and to provide the financial strength for us to provide loans.”

There has been unprecedented interest in Somerset-based Somerset Savings and Loans in the last few weeks, coinciding with the statements by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Credit Union is a co-operative organisation where all money is invested locally, keeping money circulating within the local economy. At people can join online and learn more about the loans, savings accounts and other credit union services. Or they can contact someone about their savings or borrowing needs on 01275 390649.

As a Credit Union Somerset Savings and Loans is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is also a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and Ombudsman schemes.

Together Magazine Archive


We are in the process of ensuring that our archive is complete but we are missing the following copies: 2009: May, September and November; 2010: November.

Please can you help by providing any of these.

Thank you.



The Coffee Shop will be supporting Christian Aid this week. Our Christian Aid all-day coffee shop event takes place on 14 May with lots of cupcakes and balloons!