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Our Father Willis

St Mary's Organ

Our Father Willis

I am pleased to report that Father Willis, our organ, has recovered, at least partially, from his pneumonia and bronchitis. However, it has highlighted how sick he is and how urgently he needs remedial treatment. It will cost a minimum of £150,000 – a lot of money – but this will keep him going strong for another 80 years.

Holy Week – Spirit of Service


The Reading: John 13:1-17

“If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.” (v.17) RSV

Maundy Thursday is commonly the day we think of Jesus and his disciples having their last meal together in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. John dedicates four chapters to this Last Supper. The evening starts with Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. This was the role of the menial servant. It was obviously a rather threatening action as far as the disciples were concerned. In fact Peter was so incensed that he refused. “You shall never wash my feet” (v.8), he huffily said.

Peter liked a hierarchical order in his life. Jesus was Master and he should behave suitably. However, when Jesus explained that he could not be his disciple if he did not allow the washing, Peter immediately capitulated. Jesus was not going to wash their feet as a regular activity, but sometimes it is necessary to show that all of us are ‘deacons’ – servants. In fact we are all part of the ‘Laity’, the people of God.

St Paul went so far as to call himself a ‘slave’ (or ‘servant’) of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:1 and 1 Corinthians 1:1), and named himself ‘the chief of sinners’ (1 Timothy 1:15). He was prepared to work with his hands to support the mission. No pride there, nor standing on ceremony.

Jesus told us that we should have the same attitude: “If I your Lord and Teacher … you also ought to …” (v.14). Whatever our role in life, however high or lowly we are, we should never presume that we are ‘above’ others. We are called upon to follow our Lord with a spirit of service. Mother Teresa was remembered amongst other things for cleaning the latrines. What lowly task might our Lord be calling us to do?

Forgive me Lord when I think that certain things are beneath me. Thank you for the humility of Jesus who emptied himself of all but love. May I follow his example. Amen. 

Explore More

1. What two stories did Jesus tell to illustrate that we must ‘do’ what he teaches and not just listen to it?

Matthew 7:24-27 and Luke 10:29-37

2. What did James teach about ‘doing’?

James 1:22-24





Our “Father Willis” has Bronchitis

St Mary's Organ

Our Father Willis

Sadly Father Willis, (our beautiful pipe organ named after its maker) has severe bronchitis. He enjoys humidity and does not like the current dry atmosphere combined with the heating on in Church. He has never suffered so badly before and there is a probability that he may not recover without an extensive (and long overdue) reconditioning.   We have begun an organ fund to pay for the renewal but we have a long way to go. Do you have any suggestions?


Posies for Mothering Sunday


Daffodils - 1381971_bunch_of_daffodils

TEKNA will be making posies for Mothering Sunday on the evening of Friday March 8th and would be grateful for any flowers and/or help on the night. Thank you.

Easter Leaflets


The Easter leaflets are ready for distribution and we need your help. Many thanks to Roy and Mary Sims for organising this.

We hope you like this year’s leaflet.

Simnel Cakes for Mothering Sunday


We would like a volunteer to make one of two simnel cakes for us to share after the 8.00am or 10.00am service on Mothering Sunday.

Please speak to Caroline Lee or to one of the wardens.

Afternoon Welcomers Needed


Could you volunteer as an afternoon welcomer? We are short of volunteers to do this important task. We have many visitors to St. Mary Magdalene’s , particularly in the summer months, and it is important we keep the church open and offer hospitality. See Sandra Jordan if you can help.

Used Postage Stamps




THANK YOU so much for all the used postage stamps you have collected this year in aid of St. Margaret’s Hospice.

They are extremely grateful. Do keep them coming.

Please place in the pigeon hole as before.

Heather Walker

Baby Hats for Musgrove Park Hospital


Baby Hats - 1128820_woolen_clew_3

Just a reminder, Musgrove Park Hospital are in need of more baby bonnets so we are grateful to any of you who are able to knit some. There are patterns and wool available at the back of Church.

We are also grateful for any 4ply or DK wool.