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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Patry


QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE STREET PARTY Sunday 3rd June 12.00 noon in the Churchyard (in church if wet).

Our street party will take place after the 10am service as we celebrate her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee anniversary – 60 years on the throne.


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Here are some of the videos and photo slideshows we’ve made about the Church.

Bell Casting Day – 23 June 2016


Worship@5 – A new service at St Mary’s – April 2016



St Mary’s Father Willis Organ Appeal


‘God’s Favourite Book’ – February 2016



‘A Festival of Flowers’ In Celebration of Marriage’ –  July 2015



From Birth through Death to Resurrection

Pentecost with +Peter – May 2015


Vicars of St Mary Magdalene



Weekend Away at Glenfall House – June 2013


Licensing and Installation of the Revd Jane Eastell at St John’s – June 2013


Our Bumper Pentecost Weekend – May 2013



Fr Bob’s Parish, Kafue by Richard Austin


A Look at Chainda by Richard Austin



St Mary’s Goes to Lusaka



Rosie’s Ramblers on the Canal – May 2012



The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party



Our Welcome Video

Welcome to our new Website!


Welcome to our new website!  There are now many more pictures, sermons from past weeks can be listened to, videos of events can be looked at, and there is a weekly thought to read.

These and more make a visit well worthwhile.

Please send photos and items to for possible inclusion.

Our Pentecost Banner


Our Pentecost Banner

“When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire which came to rest on each one of them.  All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.”    Acts 2:1-4

In September 2005 the idea of creating a banner was conceived and the congregation were invited to submit designs in March 2006. It was a slow  process for the design team of four and it was not until November 2006 that  the final design was approved by the Worship Committee.


Foodbank Volunteers Needed


CAN YOU HELP?  Foodbank volunteers are needed to staff the Distribution Centre, collect food at supermarkets and pack boxes in the warehouse.


We are an Ecumenical group launching a Foodbank in Taunton under the guidance of The Trussell Trust,

There are volunteers’ meetings 31st May at The United Reformed Church, Paul Street 2.30pm or 7.00pm.


Contact Group for the Elderly


CONTACT GROUP FOR THE ELDERLY has launched in Taunton to brighten up monthly Sunday afternoons and tackle loneliness and social isolation among older  people.

Volunteers are needed to offer a regular and vital friendship link every month.

For information on becoming a volunteer or if you, or someone you know would like to join as a guest contact Helen Ker,   0117 960 9606


Michael Portillo and the Great Railway Journeys


On Tuesday, last week, we had some very special visitors. Michael Portillo and the film crew from the BBC’s “Great Railway Journeys” spent a morning with us.

For those who have seen the programme, Michael travels the country following an early travel guide written by Bradshaw. When Bradshaw came to Taunton, he was really impressed by our Church and wrote more on St. Mary’s than he did on some cites and cathedrals! Strangely he did not name it in the book and just gave the date when it was built (1508). Michael stood on the roof and felt the tower sway when the bells were rung. It is believed that this episode (and we feature in approximately half of it) will be broadcast in the first week of January on a Wednesday evening.  It will be very interesting to watch.

Rod Corke and Michael Portillo - May 22, 2012


Food Bank’s First Food Collection


The first supermarket food collection to supply food for Taunton Foodbank will be held in ASDA, Creech Barrow Road on Saturday 26 May 2012 from 10am to 5pm.

Taunton Foodbank hopes to open its distribution centre at the United Reformed Church, Paul Street, Taunton on Friday 6 July 2012 from 12.00 noon until 2pm. The distribution centre will then be open for two hours on Mondays and Fridays each week.

Food parcels will be provided to those who are in need on the receipt of a voucher which has been issued by a front line agency.