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Magdalene Fayre


Magdalene Fayre (21st July) – Among others, we intend to hold stalls for crafts, preserves and gardening. We would be grateful for any contributions (possibly people will want to start preparations early for these three stalls).

We are particularly looking for help for the Gardening Stall as at present we have no-one to take overall charge. Would you be able to raise some plants for sale? Plug plants can be provided and if several people can look after one or two dozen plants each, we would have a glorious stall in July.

If you can help, in any way at all, please see Nik Hurst or Sue Goddard.

Church Lighting


We are reeling from the shock that the estimate for the current church lighting is £100,000. We are actively seeking ways of reducing this and looking into applying for grants. This figure is more than we have in reserve! We have no choice but to have it done. The current system is failing. Please pray about this.

Bishops’ Visitation


A big service is being planned for May 10th at St. Mary Magdalene’s. Usually Church Wardens are inducted to their office at the Archdeacons Visitation. This is held in a church in the Deanery. This year it will be a Bishops’ Visitation, involve the whole Archdeanery and the Suffragan and Diocesan bishops, and be held here.

We are expecting a full church and we have been asked to provide tea, coffee , cake and fruit. This is a mammoth task and Margaret Caddick is building a team to help deliver this. If you feel you could volunteer please see Margaret.