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Organ Project

For decades now the renovation of our magnificent Father Willis organ has been discussed. However because it has struggled on with being patched up from time to time, the day for refurbishment has been postponed again and again.

Our 'Father Willis' Organ

Our ‘Father Willis’ Organ

We are now in circumstances that require an urgent replacement of all leathers together with much more besides. This work is estimated to cost £250,000. This is an enormous sum and yet it will not reduce with time but increase.

However the organ is an essential part of Taunton life.  Not only is it key to worship, but it features in concerts, weddings and funerals, civic occasions, workshops and teaching.

Our hope is to find grants and other interested bodies and individuals who will enable the work to be put in hand.

In this video, you can see and hear first hand what we are up against, as our Music Director, Miles Quick, puts our Father Willis magnificently through its paces and explains all.

If you would like to keep abreast of our progress or maybe even make a donation yourself, you can do so at our MyDonate page.

Alternatively, you can ‘Sponsor a Pipe’ using our Organ Restoration Fund donation form detailed in the information below.